Start At The Beginning

I have a burning question in my mind. What have I made today? I wrote about it a few days ago. I intend to create something every day. I intend to be more creative and in the flow of creativity than any time in my life. I believe creativity is divine in nature and I...

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What Have I Made Today?

There is a question that has recently burnt a hole in mind. It is a question that seems to reach deep inside me and turn me inside out. It is spurring me toward a greater expression of myself. I think it is a relevant question for everyone. Especially given what we...

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Pick Yourself Up

At the beginning of the year we often sit back and look back on the one we just had. Sometimes wondering how quickly time has flown, sometimes at what we have achieved or not achieved. Sometimes with regrets and sometimes with fondness. I have been looking back at a...

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